Philly Moosecast #10: Colangelo’s Conundrum

Almost a month after the NBA draft lottery, we are no closer to determining who the Sixers will take at #3. If anything we’re further. Continue reading


Fans aren’t ready to give up on Nerlens Noel, but the Sixers already have

BY PAUL MANCANO – Last night, in the third quarter of one of the Sixers’ more embarrassing home losses of the season, fans began to get restless. The Sixers and the Pelicans were trading buckets with little resistance to start the second half. The lax defenses that have become trademarks for both teams this season were leading to easy buckets on both ends. Philadelphia couldn’t cut the lead to single digits as the minutes ticked away. Frustration set in. Continue reading

The Moosecast Returns

Since our most recent Philly Moosecast, the Sixers played an entire season, Sam Hinkie was pushed out and replaced by Bryan Collangelo, Steph Curry won the first ever unanimous MVP Award, the Sixers won the NBA draft lottery, and Andrew Bynum appeared at the NBA Finals as a blonde.

Needless to say, there was much to discuss. Continue reading

Philly’s Sports Teams are Experiencing a Promising Resurgance

BY PAUL MANCANOIf winning cures all ills, losing causes them. And in 2015, the four major Philadelphia sports teams all caught something bad, and incredibly contagious.

By December, the regime of Eagles head coach Chip Kelly, once sparkling and promising, lay in shambles, and the Super Bowl dreams of August quickly turned to nightmares. The team lacked competitiveness from the start of the season, and an overhauled roster gave the fans few players to trust. Kelly’s failures in overseeing player personnel blurred with his failures as a play-caller, and the end result was dreadful.

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Philly Moosecast #6 – Jah’s (Jaws) on the Floor

It’s the preseason, which means it’s time to prematurely and presumptuously postulate. In this Moosecast, Paul Mancano and Joe Leonard touch on more than one terrible Philadelphia sports team. Which one is it? There are too many to choose from. Continue reading

Philly Moosecast #4 – Snitches Get Stitches and TMZ Videos

The Summer Sixers may be dead and training camp may be months away, but Paul Mancano and Joe Leonard are here to comment on a newsworthy July for the 76ers in the latest Philly Moosecast.

Was Joel Embiid’s foot bone really re-broken? Can the Celtics escape from mediocrity? What would be a good nickname for Scottie Wilbekin? The answers can only be found here. Plus, they introduce the newest Sixers hashtag, #ImNotADoctorBut. Check out our fourth Philly Moosecast, and be sure to listen to our first three podcasts while you’re at it: Continue reading